A message from Travis


With love, FOPAS GRAD Travis

Editor's Note:  We are elated to write FOPAS GRAD Travis!  For those who don't know our sweet boy, Travis arrived at FOPAS in 2009 from a high kill shelter, so emaciated that when he would hike his leg he would fall over. He was very fearful, which translated into kennel aggression. The endearing part about it is that once a volunteer would open his kennel door, he was sweet as pie. Travis quickly charmed us all.  He got along great with his fellow roomies and had many friends over the years.  During field trips and weekend sleepovers, FOPAS Volunteer Ashley created a solid bond with our special boy. After college and her first house purchase, she and T decided it was time for him to move in permanently.  Hooray!  Our hearts runneth over as our Travis heads to home sweet forever home.  T asked Ashley to share the following love letter and some photos to show all of his friends just how happy he is in his new home.  We love you Travis and are so happy for you.  We've cried many, many tears of joy.  Thank you, Ashley, and congratulations!

To all my FOPAS family and friends,
I wanted to let you all know that I am doing wonderfully in my new home. I have a brother and sister that are FOPAS Grads and my mom tells me that I will meet my other sister in the spring once she has finished my sister's outdoor enclosure. My mom tells me that my other sister is a cat. I'm not exactly sure what that is, but my siblings tell me that she is a funny little thing that smacks them around and then makes a hissing noise when they retaliate. Mom says I have to be nice to her when she finally comes to live in the house with us; we will see how that goes...

I have also met my new uncle, he is also a FOPAS Grad and boy is he bossy. Mom says he will get used to me and that I will learn to like him over time, but honestly he kind of scares me right now. My new grandma is a little bit afraid of me and I am still nervous about her too. I am getting used to my new dad; I have finally started taking treats from him. I'm sure I will like him eventually and he is happy to let me get used to him as slowly as I want.

My mom is teaching me that strangers aren't always scary or mean. She has been taking me on field trips out of the house and the apartment so I can be more comfortable in the outside world. My sister says that life is better when you aren't afraid of everything, but she is still struggling with her own fear a little bit. My brother and I like to play tug-of-war and I protect him from any dogs that he is afraid of.

I've been told that eventually we will move into our new house, but for now we are traveling back and forth from the apartment to the house. I don't mind, I love riding in the car. My mom leaves the windows open for me so I can stick my nose out, even when it is cold outside. Mom says that we are getting a fence at the new house too, but it will be a few more weeks until it is up and we can play fetch without having to worry about the ball going farther than the leash.

Tell Pomona and all my buddies at the shelter I will miss them. I will visit the shelter to play with Pomona. Hopefully she will find a new buddy to hang out with and eventually her own forever family, but until then I know she is in the best possible place!

I am attaching some pictures of me and my new family. I will send more and keep everyone updated on how I am doing.

Thank you for taking such good care of me all these years! 


Click on the picture below to see more pics of our boy in his new forever home!