Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter

FOPAS’s primary mission is to humanely house, care for, provide medical treatment for, and find permanent homes for the abandoned and stray dogs and cats from Platte, Clay and, to some extent, surrounding counties which have come under our care. The work of the organization is carried out almost exclusively by dedicated volunteers and is financed through donations and fund raising events. FOPAS believes that our entire community is benefited by the compassion and humanity shown in caring for animals which have been discarded. The animals cannot speak for themselves, so hopefully FOPAS speaks and acts for them. Adoptee families which meet the standards set by FOPAS are accepted regardless of location.

FOPAS is located at 
1356 NW Hwy 9
Parkville, MO 64152

Board of Directors

President- Kathy Baker
Vice President
Treasurer- David Brentano, CPA
Secretary- Kim Shopper

Joann David
Diane Detmer
Butch Lovell
Maria Mignogna
Henrietta Miller
John Miller
Natasha Nikkel
Jay Waddell
Ashley Willingham

Our History

FOPAS was organized in 1999, and was both incorporated as a Missouri Nonprofit Corporation and granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service in 2000. Until October 2006 there was no permanent shelter. Instead FOPAS relied on volunteer foster homes, boarding facilities and 4 outside kennels provided by the City of Parkville for dogs and volunteer foster homes and a shed, also provided by the City of Parkville, for cats..

From the first year’s success of 35 adoptions, to 2012’s more than 400 adoptions, FOPAS has retained its focus of caring for and finding homes for abandoned animals. FOPAS provides food, shelter, foster homes when possible, and veterinarian services to each pet coming within our care. When adopted, all pets are spayed or neutered, up-to-date on all vaccinations, microchipped, and tested or treated for heart worm. In addition, once a pet comes under the care of FOPAS it is a FOPAS pet for life, and the adopting families must commit to return the pet to FOPAS rather than turn it out or place it in another shelter should they decide to give it up later.

FOPAS also seeks to find opportunities to educate the community on the obligations of responsible pet ownership and neutering of pets.

The number of homeless dogs and cats seems to grow daily, perhaps mirroring the growth of the Northland. The services we provide cannot be postponed or neglected because of a shortage of funds and these services, and the cost thereof, increase as the number of animals increases.

Success for FOPAS is bringing a homeless, often suffering, perhaps injured or starving dog or cat from living on the street to being a permanent member of a loving family. For example, Hope, a Labrador mix dog, was picked up, starving and suffering from having been shot in the leg, with her 8 puppies. The volunteers of FOPAS nursed her and the puppies to health and placed them all in families. Or Lady Bug, who came to the shelter when her owner had to move to a nursing home. FOPAS is a no-kill shelter, viewing all dogs and cats as equally valuable members of our society.

Our Animal Statistics


As a participant in the Million Cat Challenge and Shelter Animals Count, Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter is proud to report our statistics which tell us where we are, where we’ve been, and where we want to go. Click the buttons below to download our statistics in PDF format.

The Live Release Rate* is the percentage of animals leaving the shelter alive no matter what their health or behavior status . At FOPAS our Live Release rate for 2017 is 98% (330/338 X 100%) and for 2018 is 97% (322/332 X 100%)..

*The Annual Live Release Rate is calculated by dividing the total live outcomes (adoptions, outgoing transfers, and return to owner/guardian) by total outcomes (total live outcomes plus euthanasia not including owner/guardian requested euthanasia or died/lost in shelter/care.