An update on Teddy

To All FOPAS Volunteers, Donors, and Supporters, My name is Amber Kaiser and I recently adopted Teddy. I wanted to share Teddy's story with you and how well he is doing in his new home. Teddy was brought into our hospital about 3 months ago. He had a mid-radius/ulnar fracture of his right front leg. We tried splinting the leg and having him do cage rest for several weeks, but the fracture wasn't healing well. Thanks to your kind donations, Willie went to Northland Blue Pearl on 09/21/16 and had surgery with Dr. Nowak. She placed a bone plate with 6 screws, and completed a bone graft to help the site to heal better. I went to visit Willie the night of his surgery, and he was very hyperactive from the pain medication. He has been in great spirits ever since recovery from the pain meds. He has been at home recovering for 6 weeks now. He has to be activity restricted as to not ruin the bone plate. He will have to continue to wear a cast for 2 more weeks, and be activity restricted for several more weeks. In the meantime, I will continue to take good care of him, and give him plenty of TLC. Since coming to live with me, Teddy has been renamed Willie. I am a diehard KSU fan and he is named after Willie the wildcat. I have been working on training with him to come to his name and it is going well. Willie’s favorite activity is to snuggle and sit on my shoulder. He gets along with my dog Sophie well, and is the perfect addition to my house. I just want to thank each one of you very sincerely for your financial donations, volunteer work, and support with all of the FOPAS pets, but especially Willie. It takes special people to do the work you do, and all of us at Parkville Heights Animal Hospital deeply appreciate it. Sincerely, Dr. Amber Kaiser