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Overweight Dogs

First of all I apologize for having neglected my blog. Sometimes life (in my case work) gets in the way of things. But I’m back and I’ll try to write more regularly again.

One trend that we see at the shelter lately is dogs that come in overweight. This is a problem for dogs as well as it is for humans. And it’s hard to shed the pounds. It might be a little easier for the dogs, though, because we can monitor their food and they can’t sneak food out of the fridge. :) We try to help the dogs that are overweight shedding their pounds and I think we are doing a good job. One of the dogs that came in overweight is Nell. She’s a Spaniel mix and really pretty, just really chunky.  Since she came to FOPAS she has lost 10 pounds and we are very proud of her. Like for people overweight can cause health issues for the dogs. They can develop arthritis, because they have to carry around the extra weight, or thyroid problems and more.

I totally understand that as dog owners you get lazy when you have a fenced-in yard. I am one of those people. I know I should walk my dogs more often, but then I end up just opening the back door and let them out in the yard. Especially when you have multiple dogs it is hard to walk them all on a regular basis. It’s still possible to monitor their weight. Don’t feed too much, no table scraps , less treats. Some people think that showing their dog how much they love him/her is to give them lots of food. It will hurt them in the long run. Just think about how hard it is for you to shed the pounds, it is hard for your dog, too. So, sometimes less is more and just show them you love them by giving them an extra cuddle or play fetch with them or …. just take them for a walk. I really try to get better and take my boys on more walks. It’s hard, because my laziness will get in the way, but I’ll try….. And you should do the same. It’ll be good for the whole family, because it’s not just exercise for the dog, it’s exercise for you as well.