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By Julia Trumpold

I’m going to write about another thing that is bugging me. I promise, though, that my next blog entry won’t be complaining. Haha. Anyways, after I talked about people who don’t pick up their dog’s poop, to day I want to talk about and to the people who have their dogs off leash in public. Thankfully it has a little while since I was confronted with this problem (knock on wood), but it has happened several times last winter. As I mentioned before, I live in a great apartment complex that allows dogs. One of the rules is that dogs need to be on leash when out of apartments. This is not just a rule for the apartment complex; it’s actually a Kansas City law. Every time I talk to people who have their dogs off leash in public (and of course I’m excluding dog parks here) I get the same answer: “My dog likes everyone. He won’t do anything.” Well, that’s really great. Good for them. One of my dogs on the other hand, does not like everyone. He has fear aggression and for him it’s like “I’ll get you before you can get me.” That is not really a problem because I have my dogs on leash and we avoid other dogs and people and I have my dog under control. The problem arises when we encounter a dog off leash. When that happens the owners are usually further away and the dog, being all friendly, comes running up to us. Then I have two dogs on leash, one of my dogs not being friendly and feeling threatened. This can turn into a full blown dog fight in no time. And I will be in the middle trying to avoid the worst. It has not come to this yet, but it was close. I’ve had four close calls. Once it was a little poodle who wanted to play with my dogs and he kept following us. If my dog hurts the little dog it will be my dog’s fault even though he was not the instigator. So please, there is a reason for a leash law! Even if you have the best dog who likes everyone, there are dogs out there that don’t. So like picking up your dog’s poop, be considerate to your fellow dog owners and also to people who don’t have dogs. If your dog likes everyone and runs up to everyone that’s great if everyone is a dog lover. But there are people out there who are actually afraid of dogs. Before my mom got acquainted with my dogs and spent some time with them, she was very much afraid of dogs. A strange dog running up to her would have caused her to panic.

I want to add one more thing: keep an eye on your kids when you are out walking and there are dogs around. Even if you have dogs and your children are comfortable with dogs, not every dog is comfortable with children. My dog reacts the same way to children as he does to dogs, he’s afraid, so he gets aggressive. Do not have your children run up to dogs they don’t know! Even if a dog usually likes children, a child running towards them, flailing their arms can be scary to any dog. For everyone to stay safe, some rules need to be followed, and one of them is to keep your dogs on leash when in public.


Julia with her dogs Tyson and Nate

Julia with her dogs Tyson and Nate