Fundraiser Do's:

  • Do make it count! Three ways to guarantee your purchases count:

    • Show the cashier a digital flyer prior to paying

    • Show the cashier a paper flyer prior to paying

    • Flying flyer-free? Just mention the fundraiser to the cashier prior to paying

  • Do pay in store - Online orders will not be included in the fundraiser total

  • Do call 1-800-CHIPOTLE to place your order if you’d like your catering or Burritos by the Box order to count towards your fundraiser. You must place your order at least 24 hours in advance and pick it up during the time frame of your fundraiser. When you call, let them know you will pay upon pick up. When you pick up your order, alert the cashier before payment that you would like it to count towards your fundraiser.

Fundraiser Don’ts:

  • Don’t order online - Online orders will not be included in the fundraiser total

  • Don’t be shy! Make sure you tell our cashier that you’re attending the fundraiser before you pay

  • Don’t purchase a gift card - gift card purchases during fundraisers do NOT count towards total donated sales, but purchases made with an existing gift card will count.