Parkville Area Veterinarians

Parkville Area Veterinarians

We would like to thank...

Dr. Warren Jones at Amity Woods Pet Hospital and his fantastic staff who have offered us tremendous assistance and support over the last several years. 

There are MANY wonderful veterinarians in the area served by FOPAS.  Please remember -- when selecting a veterinarian for your pet, we suggest asking neighbors, friends and co-workers for suggestions and references. 

Here are a few who have been suggested by various FOPAS volunteers and friends:

Amity Woods Pet Hospital, 9300 NW 87th Ter. KC, MO  816-880-6650

Animal Clinic of Platte County  10123 NW 45 Hwy   KC, MO  810-741-8338

Eagle Animal Hospital, 4835 NW Gateway  Riverside, MO 816-741-2345

Gladstone Animal Clinic 7027 North Oak  KC, MO 816-436-1100

Jackson Animal Clinic 14205 State Rte 92  Platte City, MO 816-858-3112

Northland Cat Clinic 6224 N Chatham Ave KC, MO 816-587-0700

Parkville Animal Wellness  6446 N. Crooked Road Parkville, MO 816-505-5500

Parkville Heights Animal Hospital, 6300 NW 9 Highway Parkville, MO 816-741-2247

Picture Hills Pet Hospital, 6519 N. Cosby Ave.  KC, MO 816-587-3300

Platte Woods Animal Hospital  5901 NW 72nd Street  KC, MO 816-741-8600

Shoal Creek Animal Hospital, 8850 NE Flintock Road

Smithville Animal Hospital 1514 S 169 Hwy

Animal Clinic on Boardwalk 6302 NW Barry Road KC, MO 816-746-1333

Barry Road Animal Hospital 816-436-6700