Remembering Auggie

Remembering Our Auggie, With Love...

What can we possibly say that would do justice for our best friend? Nothing seems good enough as we remember our Auggie. On Facebook we posted that Auggie arrived in 2006 and from that very moment he was our mascot, our protector, and our forever friend. We posted that Auggie loved car rides, Sonic burgers, puppies, walks in the park, garage sales, parades, supervising shelter activities from his van, and most of all his beloved FOPAS volunteers. But he was so much more. We didn't tell you how he came to FOPAS one January day, dumped by his family when the shelter was at the train tracks, tied up outside with the train rumbling by just feet away, and bearing the scars of being beaten with a pipe. Auggie's forgiving heart let him fall in love with our shelter volunteers, who became his forever family. Of course, as best friends do, Auggie had such a gift for making us laugh. He always made us feel safer in his presence.  He reminded us of the important things in life like being a loyal and forgiving friend, and enjoying each moment to the fullest. And, like any best friend, he went by a number of nicknames: Auggie Doggie, Augustus, Bubba, and Our Marine. 

Auggie was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and with love and care he survived, and thrived, much longer than anticipated. Recently, he picked up a virus and just wasn't strong enough to fight it anymore.  Our boy was tired.  Auggie's best friends Becky and Lincoln were with him to send him safely to Rainbow Bridge. We would like to believe his ol' pal Bill was there to welcome him with open arms. We believe we'll meet him again at the Bridge one day, too.  As Lincoln so perfectly shared, "I am sure few dogs have ever been loved so much by so many."

We'll always remember the joy on Auggie's face when he jumped in the car and hung his head out the  window, when he rolled on his back in the play yards, or when he was simply hanging out with his FOPAS family.  FOPAS volunteer Natasha expressed it beautifully with this message: "Oh Auggie boy, I shed some tears for you were the perfect reminder that we can still choose love even when we've been shown hatred. We're all better for having known you and your story. Glad Becky and Lincoln were there to send you off with love. You deserve all the best, sweet boy."