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Our boy Max!


No word better describes Max, a male Golden Retriever with an estimated DOB of 10/2006, than CALM!  Max is very affectionate, a tab bit overweight, tolerant of all other dogs but definitely NOT one who plays, but most of all accepting of whatever comes his way without much fuss.  Max does enjoy a walk (and at a little over 100 pounds he can use regular walks) but if left in the yard he'll just sit by the gate waiting to come back inside.  Max does love his sister Maya, but he also likes people of all ages, including children, and cats.  

Recently adopted dogs are 

Isabella, Pete, Rowan, Beyonce', Edgar. Jack and Lil Jake (together!), Nanette, McQueen, Shiloh!


Recently adopted dogs:   

McQueen, Jack and Lil Jake, Buzzi and Nanette!