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Dog of the week- stewart!

Stewart has had all the bad luck he needs in his life.  Our hope is that his new forever home will give him nothing but peace.  Stewart has been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis when he was picked up.  He was skin and bones and had clearly had to scrounge for what little food he had.  After the pelvis healed Stewart had to have hip surgery to complete his bone repair.  He is now further healed and ready to go!  A Labrador with an estimated DOB of 9/2014, Stewart is super friendly with all people, he craves attention and loves to just be touched.  Now that he can walk again, he LOVES to walk and is a great companion - however, he will probably never be a running companion.  He has shown some food aggression (perhaps due to his history) so he will need to be an only dog or in a household where food and treats are administered separately.  A home with small children is not a good idea for him either.  Stewart is a dog who will repay love and attention tenfold.