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Our Special girl Kerry!


Even if Kerry didn't look like a Kelpie (which she does), her energy, stamina, toughness, and mostly her alert intelligence would let you know that she could withstand the difficult conditions required of a herding dog in Australia.  Born about 9/1/2013 (estimate), Kerry came to FOPAS as a stray, and while she may get somewhat bigger she is currently at 30 pounds.  Just looking at her eyes her lively and very smart personality comes through loud and clear.  Kerry is not a dog who will be content to be a couch potato or to take one leisurely walk a day; she is a worker and she’ll need both mental and physical stimulation to be a healthy girl.  She has a herding instinct.  Kerry gets along well with other dogs and she loves to take a good run.  She appears to be housebroken.

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