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Dog of the week- gunner!

Gunner, a male Border Collie mix with an estimated DOB of 6/2014, is slightly embarrassed for his pictures to be taken right now.  When he was picked up as a stray he had lost much of his hair due to a severe flea infestation.  Treatment and a good diet have worked wonders, and his hair is coming back in nicely, but but there are still a several thin patches.  Gunner has all the energy you would expect from a Border Collie mix.  He likes many female dogs and he loves to play.  Like most Border Collies Gunner is very smart and he is certainly willing to learn.  At 53 pounds, Gunner is larger than the typical Border Collie and he is strong.  He barks when he wants attention or he is left alone in the yard - he wants to be with people.  Thus, an apartment would not be the best home for Gunner.  For an active family or person who wants their dog to be able to accompany them, this athletic guy is a great choice.