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Dog of the week- darwin!

Most popular breed for many years? Labrador Retrievers.  Darwin's breed?  Yellow Labrador Retriever.  Darwin's #1 love?  WATER!  Darwin is a very large male Lab with an estimated DOB of 9/2013.  When we say large, we mean it - large and full of energy.  Darwin seems not to have had much, if any, training, so his owner needs to be someone who knows Labs and can be the Alpha of the family.  Darwin loves people and he wants to play and have as much people-contact as possible. We can't stress it enough that Darwin loves water, he will play in the hose, sit in his kiddie pool, dig in his water bucket, anything to play in water!   With Darwin's size and exuberant nature he will be too much for small children and probably small dogs.  Darwin appears to be housebroken.  If you are looking for a lab with all the characteristics, this is the dog for you