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Dog of the week- buster!

Labrador Retrievers are special intelligent dogs, and Buster is here to prove it.  A male with an estimated DOB of 5/14 Buster was chained out with only a bucket to play with for much of his first year, so normal living with blankets and A/C is a revelation.  He has not yet grown out of his energetic, inquisitive, finds-joy-in-everything stage; but truly this is a fun time in the life of a Lab!  Buster loves to walk - well, Buster loves everything! - and he is an eager strong walker, so he needs a strong hand at the other end of the leash for training.  He also loves water, and a pool is a dream come true. Buster likes other dogs and he is bewildered when another dog doesn't like him.  Like all Labs, Buster is devoted to humans and is ready to learn.  Buster appears to be housebroken.